Mr. Abdul Ghaffar

Introduction of Mr. Abdul Ghaffar (Owner of the school)

Abdul Ghafar Khan S/O Muhammad Jan was born in in District Mardan. Due to his poor economical condition he was not able to get education.

In his young age, his parents were interested to grow him as a builder. He was keen interested to get education in his earlier age but situation was not in his favor. When he started building works, his hard work and skills reached him to a contractor. After that he was recruited as a clerk and was responsible for payments to labors and other file work.

He was an extra ordinary talented and has drawn sketches for building by himself. He visited many gulf countries to enhance his skills in building profession but all the time he faced education problems as he was not a degree holder.

Abdul Ghaffaar

He came back to Pakistan and continues building works. He went to United Kingdom (UK) but soon came back to Pakistan because of same education problem. At last he decided to get education at any cost. For this purpose he got admission in an Institute. In this institution he faced many problems because of age factor. Most of the time his class fellows make fun of him. He lifts this institution after six months due to age factor and class fellow attitude.

He can speak English, Urdu, Pashto and Punjabi in two levels. He tried his best to get education but failed due to the above mentioned reasons. Finally he decided to open a school and give opportunity to youth to get education.

When he was in U.K he get realized the fact that without education no one can survive better in today's era. and every one should get proper education. For this purpose he met Mr. Asad Ali, an educationalist and honest man and has a very good experience of institutional education. Abdul Ghafar with the help of Asad Ali established a school called “Luminous Model school”. Mr. Ghafar Khan provides financial support .

Now his educational institute is a well reputed institution in the locality. The school was working in the rented building for five years but currently this school has its own building. Once A.Ghafar Khan feels that laureate and orphan children lifting schools because of their poverty and they can’t bear school fee and other expenses. He arranged a meeting with the administration, advisory board and friends, to provide free education for helpless and orphan children. The school management accepts his request and currently some orphans and poor students are getting free education in this school. He wants to invest maximum resources on poor and orphans children students for their bright future.

Currently with our own resources, the number of children who are getting free education are very limited. But for this noble cause we definitely would like to expend this numbers to as much as possible in future. , and this can only be possible if you morally support the initiative taken by Abdul ghaffar.

May Almighty Allah success him on his sacred goal.

For information, support and question please contact Mr, Abdul Ghaffar Directly on the following. Cell No. +92 344 930 0007

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Our main objective is to educate children, especially those children who are helpless and poor. To achieve this goal the we are working day and night.

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